LABEL : Jimmy Gremillon
Radio/TV : Anne-Sophie Mondaud -
PROMO Presse : Axel Cleman -
Web: Loic Suty (IVOX) -
MANAGEMENT : Serge Rodriguez -
BOOKING : Damien Chamard Boudet (Live Nation) - INTERNATIONAL : Charlie Voisin -

Beat Assailant revisits hip-hop culture in its original form in a raw album, featuring Oxmo Puccino & Irfane. B, the first letter of his moniker, a self-evident symbol and a necessary return to the roots.

Rhyme Space Continuum mixes up influences from the first two albums (The Hard Twelve released in 2005 and Imperial Presssure in 2008) and delivers a seventies-tinged sound reminiscent of P-Funk or the Motown and an avant-garde hip hop style like that of Afrika Bambaataa, stamped with the 2009 electro-rock mark.